Meet Navneet and Amandeep from New Yorker Pizza
Meet Navneet and Amandeep from New Yorker Pizza
What spending Diwali with Mother and daughter duo from New York Pizza looks like for 2021.
Published 20 October

Who do you spend Diwali with and how do you celebrate?

We spend Diwali with family and friends. We do a clean up or renovation of our homes and decorate with rangoli. Houses are lit up with candles and clay lamps. There are prayers, gift giving and fireworks to celebrate the fesitval. 


What does Diwali 2021 mean to you?

Diwali celebrates the date of the release of the sixth guru, Hargobind Singh, from prison in 1619. 


What do you prepare for Diwali?

We prepare for the festival by cleaning and decorating our home, and donning new clothes to take part in family biya, in which prayers of devotion are offered to Lakshimi.


What kinds of foods and treats do you and your family feast on?

  • Pakora
  • Samosas (pastry filled with vegetables like potatos and peas, as well as spices)
  • Sweets like Laddu, Barfi, Gulab and Jamun
  • Dal and Roti


What gifts do you recommend giving to friends and family on Diwali?

We recommend sweets, chocolates, diyas (traditional oil lamps), scented candles, and dry fruits. 

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