Rupal and Gaurang from Daily Needs
Meet Rupal and Gaurang from Daily Needs Rice and Spices
We learn about Rupal and Gaurang's family traditions for Diwali!
Published 21 October
Who do you spend Diwali with and how do you celebrate?

Diwali’s other name is ‘festival of lights', so it means light over darkness. We celebrate Diwali with family, friends and our dear customers. We meet and greet each other, offer them some sweets and wish them happiness & success for the coming new year. 

What does Diwali 2021 mean to you?

More success and giving away more specials and benefits to our loyal customers. Wish all of our beloved ones happy, healthy and safe travels.


What do you do to prepare for Diwali?

Decorate our house with different lights, rangolis, also display beautiful Diyas at our home entrance. On the actual day, we offer prayers to Lakshmi the goddess of wealth and Ganesh, the God representing good fortune & wisdom.


What kinds of foods and treats do you and your family feast on?

We prepare very traditional sweets calls Kansar, and many more sweets! We also prepare a lot of snacks including traditional MATHIA & CHORAFALI. We always prefer to have dinner with our family ❤️


What gifts do you recommend giving to friends and family on Diwali?




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