Swapna from Now Healthy
Meet Swapna from Now Healthy
We learn about some treasured Diwali traditions celebrated from Swapna at Now Healthy.
Published 20 October

Who do you spend Diwali with and how do you celebrate?

I spend it with family and friends. It is the Festival of Lights so we decorate our home with lamps (Diya) to remove darkness from our life. 


What does Diwali 2021 mean to you?

All festivals are a celebration of new beginnings, joy and hope. So I hope this Diwali brings light to everyone. 


What do you do to prepare for Diwali?

I prepare sweets, share sweets with friends and family, and wear new clothes. 


What kinds of foods and treats do you and your family fest on?

We enjoy sweets and a vegetarian feast. 


What gifts do you recommend giving to friends and family on Diwali?

Indian sweets - like Laddu, Barfi, Jelabi, etc. And for savoury - Indian Blauja mix. 


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