Anthony from Mister Minit
Anthony from Mister Minit
Longstanding retailer and member of the community
Published 07 October

Welcome the man of the hour (or should we say Minit in this instance!). Anthony is the friendly face who has been at the Forest Lake Mister Minit for over 15 years. We caught up with Anthony to find out more about him, and his time here at Forest Lake Shopping Centre. 

How long have you been working at Mister Minit Forest Lake?
“I have worked at Mister Minit Forest Lake for 15 years now and have been in the industry for over 31 years.”

Do you have any specific memories enjoyed during your time at Mister Minit Forest Lake?
“It has been awesome being able to watch the Centre grow and develop over the many years. It is also very rewarding when customers know your name, and you are on first name basis with many customers and people in the Forest Lake community.”

What is your favourite thing about the community?
“My favourite thing about the area is the people. I get to help serve and fix peoples problems on a daily basis, it’s a nice feeling!”

What are some career achievements that you or the store have celebrated?
“Being known as a ‘Master engraver’ within the Mister Minit company is a professional achievement for me. It is a highly regarded title among the Mister Minit community. The store also has some of the highest Google reviews of any Mister Minit location, which is a huge accomplishment for us.”

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