f45 trainers max and kobe
Meet Max and Kobe from F45 Forest Lake
Get to know the trainers
Published 30 November

Meet Max and Kobe, the F45 Forest Lake trainers. Max (left) has been with F45 Forest Lake for over four years as a trainer and manager, and Kobe (right), a local to Forest Lake, has been with the team for three years.


What is your favourite F45 workout?

Max: My favourite workout would definitely be Varsity. It's a cardio session where you get to experience a variety of work to rest timings that'll not only test your power and speed, but also endurance during those longer working periods.

Kobe: Redline, it’s a cardio based workout that truly challenges your fitness!


What is your favourite thing about the Forest Lake community/your members?

Max: I love how friendly our Forest Lake community is. You can turn up to a session not knowing a single person and leave with an extra friend or two!

Kobe: My favourite thing about the Forest Lake F45 studio is how multicultural the members and trainers are. We are all very welcoming to new faces!


What is the most rewarding part of your job? 

Max: The most rewarding part of the job is definitely seeing people gain confidence in not only their physical ability but also in themselves as a whole.

Kobe: Being able to make a difference in peoples lives each and every day is very rewarding! It’s amazing watching our members achieve their goals and helping contribute to their success!

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